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Please get in touch with us to arrange a consultation and initiate the first stage of a streamlined and effective demolition process in New York City.

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DElta demolition

Affordable Demolition Company in Long Island

Need a professional demolition contractor in Long Island? We’ve got you covered! Our team is experienced and dedicated to getting the job done right, whether it’s for your home or business. 

demolition contractors nyc
demolition contractors nyc
Our “3-R” Strategy

We Focus on Maximizing Resource Recovery and Reuse

Our demolition service in Long Island is all about saving resources and reusing materials whenever we can. We look at things like wood, metal, concrete, and pipes from buildings we take down. Instead of throwing them away, we try to recycle them. This helps cut down on waste going to landfills. We also sell materials to recycling companies or reuse them on other projects. This saves our clients’ money on getting rid of stuff and means we don’t have to buy as much new stuff for future jobs. Plus, we try to make our equipment last longer, so we use it more sustainably. Our focus on being eco-friendly not only helps the planet by reducing our environmental impact but also means we can offer efficient, affordable, and the best demolition services in Long Island. 

Our Services

Here's What We Offer

demolition contractors nyc

Commercial Demolition

We're experts at tearing down big buildings like offices and stores. No matter how big or small, we'll get the job done safely and quickly. 


Residential Demolition

If you need to knock down a house or an apartment building, we are your best choice. Our team will take it down carefully and leave the place clean for your next project. 

Emergency Demolition

When something unexpected happens, and a building needs to come down fast, we're the ones to call. We'll be there in a flash to handle the situation safely.  

Interior Demolition

Planning to redo the inside of your place? We'll take out the walls and floors without making a mess. You can trust us to get your space ready for its makeover. 

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Ready to upgrade your property?

Contact us for expert demolition in Long Island.

Your Safety is Our Priority

Signs It's Time for a Building Demolition

  • Structural Damage: Large cracks, sagging roofs, or leaning walls indicate serious issues. 
  • Unsafe Conditions: Presence of asbestos, mold, or other hazards. 
  • Obsolete Design: Outdated buildings that can’t be cost-effectively updated. 
  • Economic Factors: Repair costs exceed building value or new construction costs. 
  • Land Use Changes: New zoning laws or development plans require demolition. 
  • Vacancy and Deterioration: Long-term neglect makes the building uninhabitable. 

If you notice these signs, consider a professional assessment to decide if demolition is needed.

3-Step Process

A Smooth and Efficient Demolition Process

Faced with a demolition project in Long Island? Delta Demolition offers a smooth and efficient demolition process that gets the job done right every time. Here’s a breakdown of our three-step approach: 

Planning & Permitting

We work with you to understand your needs, create a detailed plan, and get all the necessary permits. 

Step 01
Step 02

Safe Demolition

Our skilled team uses the right equipment and methods for safe and controlled demolition. 

Site Cleanup & Preparation

We clean up and remove debris, leaving the site ready for your next project. 

Step 03

Need help with your project? Reach out to our team.

Your Trusted Choice

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