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Why Breaking Windows Before Demolition is Important?

Doors and windows demolition nyc

Demolition is a detailed process that involves more than just tearing down your property. It requires careful planning, budgeting, safety measures, and environmental factors.

The most important step is breaking windows before a property’s demolition. Although this practice may initially seem unnecessary, it has several important purposes.

This article will analyze why breaking windows before demolition is essential and how it contributes to protection, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

  • Safety First:

One major reason for breaking windows before starting a demolition is to prevent explosive threats. Windows are mostly made up of glass, creating dangerous scenarios when a building or a house collapses.

If windows remain attached during demolition, the force and pressure from collapsing the property can cause them to shutter violently, sending pieces of small glass flying in all directions. This will be a dangerous sign to workers on site and everyone in the neighborhood.

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  • Reducing Debris, dust, and other containments

During demolition, dust and Debris can be spread out, harming the air quality. Attached windows can trap dust inside the property, releasing different particles into the air when the structure goes down.

This can result in a thick cloud of dust that spreads in seconds and can be dangerous to the laborers and nearby people. Breaking all the windows before starting a demolition project helps to lessen this issue. It allows for better ventilation and reduces the sudden buildup of dust.

  • Environmental Commitment

Waste management is a growing issue in the construction and demolition industry. Proper consideration of environmental responsibility and material recycling is important to lessen the environmental impact of demolition projects.

Windows made of glass and metal frames are recyclable materials that should be handled with extra care.

Breaking down windows before starting a demolition project allows for the collection of recyclable materials and improved sanitation. Rather than sifting through piles of rubble to extract these materials, they can be removed and sorted at first.

This methodology simplifies the recycling process and ensures that more materials are recovered and recycled, reducing waste sent to landfills.

  • Maintaining Valuable Building Components

In most demolition projects, valuable building components can be repurposed and salvaged. These can include architectural features, materials that have historical value, and features. Intact windows can create additional problems in preserving these components.

Labor can more simply and safely enter the building’s interior by tearing down the windows. Preserving these resources lowers the demand for new materials, promotes sustainable practices, and protects historical and cultural heritage.  

  • Improving Worker Efficiency

Demolition is a labor-intensive process that requires coordination and efficiency. Intact windows can hinder the progress of demolition work by creating barriers that need to be dealt with during the collapse.

Breaking down the demolition of doors and windows beforehand streamlines the process, allowing workers to focus on the core demolition tasks without the added complication of managing intact glass.

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