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What Things Must Be Planned Before The Demolition?

residential demolition nyc

Planning a demolition project is no small task. It’s a significant undertaking that requires careful planning, which is crucial to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the task.

If you’re considering demolishing your home to make a fresh start, this blog is for you. Here, we’ll guide you through the essential aspects that must be carefully planned before starting a demolition project.

  • Hiring a professional contractor

It’s best to assign the project to a professional contractor regarding residential demolition. The risks involved in a DIY demolition can be significant. Attempting a DIY demolition for small projects is only advisable when you’re confident it won’t result in any property or personal damage. Otherwise, it’s wise to hire an experienced contractor.

Hiring a contractor company will make your task much quicker and safer, and you can be assured that you won’t neglect safety hazards during the demolition.

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  • Approve your demolition project by authorities.

After surveying your property with the contractor, they will have a demolition plan to outline the work to be done. One benefit of hiring a contractor is that they will do this task professionally because they are experienced.

This plan would include which part of the property is to be erased, the proposed method of demolition, the site plan, the recycling technique, the neighbors’ safety process, and other environmental risks. Then, the authorities would need to approve that plan.

  • Obtain legal permits

A proper plan is not the only thing you require; you cannot start the demolition project without a government license.

Before any heavy machinery can touch your structure, you’ll require a green signal from our local country or city’s building administrators and receive the necessary legal permits.

Each region in the US has its rules, permits, and regulations, so go to them and ask for a legal permit; otherwise, you will be penalized.

  • Let your neighbors know about the demolition.

Once you get the legal permits, it’s time to inform your neighbors. Some of your neighbors may get distracted by the demolition, so request them to move out to their friends and family for a day or two.

Professional contractors know the tactics to avoid unnecessary noise, but it’s a basic ethic to warn your neighbors before demolition.

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  • Check for asbestos

One major reason to hire a professional demolition contractor is that your property might be covered with dangerous substances like asbestos. 

Unfortunately, asbestos was widely used in home construction before the 1990s, so there’s probably a chance that your house contains asbestos.

Well, if the asbestos is in good condition, it’s not too dangerous, but old asbestos pipes can trigger the release of fibers, posing health issues. Asbestos can cause a lung disease that can ultimately lead to cancer, so beware of this issue. Professional contractors do check the presence of asbestos first.

  • Disconnect utilities

Before the demolition projects start, the utilities must be cut down. Utilities include electricity, water supply, gas pipes, and drainage systems. Cutting through live utilities poses a safety risk to the worker and can even damage the supply to neighboring houses, which is a huge and costly headache.

Before starting the demolition project, request your service provider to terminate these services and cut down the wires and pipes.

  • Have a recycling plan ready.

Getting rid of concrete and other materials after demolition is a more challenging task. It’s time-consuming and requires a large workforce. Concrete and other construction materials must be disposed of in licensed recycled facilities.

Another option is to check with your council to see if they accept donations of demolished materials and concrete for recycling. It would help if you planned for this before starting the demolition to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

Want to connect with the best demolition contractor for your next project?

Demolition projects often involve numerous issues, from permits and recycling to inspection and dealing with all these issues can be quite frustrating. Hiring a professional contractor can erase all your frustration because they handle all these issues themselves.

Planning is the key to demolition projects. Before starting a demolition project, follow the above steps to avoid unexpected issues.

Delta Demolition is an expert in commercial, residential, and emergency demolition projects. Our experience speaks for itself. We have modern equipment and know the tactics to complete demolition projects easily. Moreover, we also provide deck and pool removal services.

Delta Demolition has a fair pricing policy and offers discounts to its regular customers. Call us to plan your project and take the first step toward a smooth and accurate demolition procedure in New York City.

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